Praying for Children in Poverty

  • When you don’t know where your next meal will come from, it’s hard to believe that God will provide.  Pray that, through the compassionate hands of God’s people, impoverished children will learn to trust that God wants to provide for their every need. Pray that they would be awed by God’s faithfulness and would be provided with food, education, jobs, and a path out of poverty.
  • Picture a child fighting to be courageous. Around every corner is danger, and courage is the only way to survive. Pray that these children will not be overcome by fear, but will instead rely on God’s strength as their source of courage.
  • For children in poverty around the world, there are so many opportunities for unforgiveness to creep in. It is hard to forgive those who hurt or take advantage of you. Pray, though, that these children will find forgiveness in their hearts to free them from bitterness. Give them wisdom and discernment as they say, “I forgive you.”