Praying for Children in Poverty

  • Every day, children in poverty encounter evil. There are those who seek to harm them, abuse them, and even exploit them. There are no safety nets in poverty. Pray for protection and for these children to be hidden under the wings of the Father as He surrounds them with people who will love, cherish, and protect them.
  • Children in poverty are surrounded by sickness that leads to death. They say goodbye to their friends with alarming frequency. Pray that the Great Physician will heal these children through the care of loving doctors and nurses, and show them that He is more powerful than sickness and disease.
  • A child’s default emotion should be joy. But poverty brings a heaviness to a child’s world. Yet joy is resilient. Pray that children in poverty will find their joy in Jesus. Pray that He will renew their strength and make them soar like eagles, full of joy.