April 25-26, 2020

The two followers of Jesus who were on their way to Emmaus were sad and confused by Jesus’ death on the cross. Little did they know that Jesus was walking with them! He explained how His death was the answer to years of God’s promises to the Israelites. They ran back to Jerusalem to tell everyone about what they had just seen. We pray that kids discover that, through Jesus, God has a unique plan for their life and as they follow Him, they’ll start to see where that plan will take them.

Theme: Humility - Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve
Memory Verse: Don't do anything only to get ahead. Don't do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others more than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 (NIRV)
Bible Story: Luke 24:13-35
Bottom Line: There’s always more to discover about God’s plan.


Crossroads' Mr. Dan's Intro https://youtu.be/DyHIN-6uaAk Bible Story Video https://vimeo.com/409956430 So & So Show Video https://vimeo.com/409957449