March 20-21, 2021

For week three, we go to Genesis 25:24-34, where we find one of the best examples of what happens when you’re not patient—the story of Esau. After a hunting trip, Esau was exhausted and hungry! And wouldn’t you know, his brother Jacob had a pot of stew cooking on the fire. Jacob takes advantage of this situation and offers a bowl in exchange for Esau’s inheritance. Turns out, Esau couldn’t resist. He lost something extremely valuable all because he was impatient.

Theme: Bake Off
Memory Verse: “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don't lose hope. Wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14, NIRV
Bible Story: Esau’s Impatience - Genesis 25:24-34
Bottom Line: If you don’t wait, it could cost you.


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