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Think About It!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten? Was it for your birthday, for Christmas, or just because? Who gave it to you? Today, we’re talking about a gift that Jesus wants to give us––hope. Do you know what hope is? Lots of people in the world don’t know how to hope, instead of choosing hope, they choose to be afraid. When we’re afraid, we need to remember that Jesus have given us a hope that no one can stop!

Talk About It!

1. Replace fear.

  • 2 Timothy 1:7 
  • Parent Notes
      • Memorize: This verse says that Jesus did not give us a spirit of fear, but of three pretty amazing things. What three gifts did he give us? (Repeat, “Power, love, and a sound mind” with your kids until they can recite them without help. When teaching these, hand motions can also be helpful!)
      • Have you ever been afraid? All of us have felt afraid before. Does fear come from God? No, this verse tells us that he does not give us fear. What does he give us instead? (Power, love and sound mind.) When we trust Jesus, we don’t have to be afraid!
  • It’s hard to wait for something, isn’t it? Have you ever had to wait a long time for something you really wanted? Jesus is always ready to give us hope. We don’t have to wait for it at all! he wants to give us hope right now. All we have to do is trust him. Fear takes up a lot of space in our mind and in our heart. It’s our job to tell our fear to “Get out of here!” to make space for the hope that Jesus wants to give us. 

2. I got the power.


  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Parent Notes
  • What three things did God give us? Power, love, and a sound mind!


    • What does power feel like? What does weakness feel like? (Weakness.) Which one do you feel most of the time? God gives us a spirit of power, even when we feel weak! In fact, he says that when we feel weak, that’s when he wants to give us even more of His power! (2 Cor. 12:9)
    • How have you seen God’s power? God’s power looks very different from what we might expect. Sometimes we see his power through creation. Other times, we see his power, when he gives us the strength to be kind to someone when we’re annoyed or he makes us brave when we’re scared. 

3. Let love rule.


  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Parent Notes


      • What is the second thing that God gave us? Love!
      • When does God love us? (All the time!) Even when we mess up? Even when we make mistakes? Even when we have a bad attitude? Yes! Jesus loves us no matter what. In fact, he loved us before we even knew who he was!
      • What are some ways that you can show love to God? In the Bible, Jesus says that one of the best ways we can show love to him is by loving other people (Matt. 25:40).
      • Are you good at loving people? What are some ways that we can love others the way that God loves us? It’s hard to love people like Jesus did! That’s why this verse says that he gives us a spirit of love. He wants to teach us how to love people by learning more about how he loves us. 


  • What are some ways we can show God’s love to others? We can pray for them, we can encourage them, and we can tell them about how much God loves them!


4. Keep your head.

  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Parent Notes
    • What is the third thing that God gives us? A sound mind!
    • What do you think it means to have a sound mind? It means that when the world is going crazy, we don’t go crazy. God has given us the ability to think well, even when other people are afraid.
    • Have you ever stood on a stool or a ladder and seen the world from way up high? It’s crazy to see how the world looks when you’re as tall as grown ups. You see things differently. Jesus is inviting you to see things the way he sees things. When we’re scared, we can ask him to show us how he sees things, and we won’t be afraid anymore! 
    • How can we think well when the rest of the world is scared? The best way to keep our heads…is to keep them in the Word of God. (Recite the memory verse again.) When we think about what God says, our minds get so full of His words that there’s not more room for fear in there!

5. Receive God’s gifts.


  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Parent Notes
    • Have you ever forgotten about a gift? Maybe it was after Christmas or your birthday. Today, we talked about the gifts that God has given us. What are they? (Power, love, and a sound mind!) Those gifts are ours for keeps! We just need to remember that we have them. 
    • What are some other gifts that God has given us? Jesus has given us a lot of other great gifts too, but the best gift, is that we get to be with him forever in Heaven! The gifts we talked about today are just a reminder that someday we’re going to be with him forever!

Hey Parents! Here are some Optional Follow-up Questions to keep your kids thinking about our lesson today:

  • What makes you say that?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • How would you explain this to someone who doesn’t know Jesus?
  • Why do you think God did it that way?
  • Why should we do the things that God tells us?