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“Family” means something different to each of us, depending on what kind of family we were born into. Whatever our stories are, when we start following Jesus, he doesn’t save us for isolation – he saves us for adoption into his family. And the unique and beautiful thing about Jesus’s family is it’s the redemption and fulfillment of all our other family experiences – the good and the bad. Join us Sunday for our next message as we experience what it means to be part of a new family together!


1. The children of God are led by the Spirit.

Romans 8:12-14

Leader Notes
A key way to tell if someone is a child of God is if they are led by the Spirit. And an indicator of someone being led by the Spirit is, their lives bring glory to God.
We are constantly facing an inner battle between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. We’ll live into whatever we feed. If we feed the life of the flesh all week and then try to “make up for it” by going to church on Sunday, we’ll never learn to walk in the Spirit. But if we feed life in the Spirit all week, we’ll starve out life in the flesh.
Being led by the Spirit doesn’t mean we have to do something different in our life circumstances. It means we need to glorify God right where we are – in our marriage, in our singleness, in our workplace. We need to be led by the Spirit to maximize the space we’re in right now, to do the things God has already asked us to do.

Question for Reflection: How are you doing being led by the Spirit in your current circumstances?

2.  You’ve been adopted into a new family.

Romans 8:15-16

Leader Notes
When we put our faith and trust in Jesus, God calls us his children. He adopts us into his own family. God has not only adopted us into a multi-generational family, but a multi-ethnic family. And all around the world, followers of Jesus are all brothers and sisters.
God designed the idea of “family” to be the main socializing influence in our lives. Whether you had a great family of origin or a terrible one, we all have a ton of feelings about our families…which makes it extra important that Jesus can give us new definitions of family where we need it.
That means whatever labels we were given growing up, whatever wounds we sustain from family members — none of that is who we are. We are only who God says we are – children he deeply loves – and everything else is a lie.
When God tells us who we are, our job is to then help other people peel back the layers of lies and help them see who they really are in Christ too.

Question for Reflection: How do you struggle to believe who God says you are, and how do you overcome the lies (and help others do the same)?

3. God’s family offers unique benefits.

Romans 8:17

Leader Notes
If you follow Jesus, you have every spiritual blessing you already need. In Christ, everything you need you already have.
Every single one of us is going to suffer in this life – it’s just the way it is. Our culture is designed to alleviate suffering and maximize comfort. Suffering is going to happen. But let’s make sure we’re suffering for the gospel, and then we become a part of the good news of Jesus
God has made us heirs with Christ, which means we have an inheritance in eternal life to come, and we have full access to his blessings now too.

Question for Reflection: How can you better access all the spiritual blessings you have in Christ this upcoming week?