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We are always being formed into an image of some kind. Sometimes we mold ourselves into our own image of who we think we should be. Other times we form ourselves to whatever image we think others expect of us or find pleasing. As followers of Jesus, our worship takes shape in being conformed to his image and transformed in how we think about everything. And a life of worship to Jesus is the most freeing way we can choose to live.


1. Present your bodies a living sacrifice.

Romans 12:1
Leader Notes

  • Paul always tells us first what God has done for us, before he tells us what we should do for God. He wants us to respond to God out of gratitude, not duty. So by the time we reach chapter 12 of Romans, he’s begun instructing us how to live in response to God’s grace.
  • Our “reasonable service,” or the worship that is only logical for us to present to God, is to present our bodies as living sacrifices to God.
  • “Living” sacrifices can get on and off the altar, so Paul is getting at this idea of willing surrender to the Lord. Before we can worship God the way he wants us to worship him, we must present our bodies as living sacrifices. Our bodies can get in the way of us worshipping God. Our souls are already saved, but our flesh can cause problems.

What part of your life needs to be placed on the altar and sacrificed?

2.  You’re either being conformed or you’re being transformed.

Romans 12:2
Leader Notes

  • All of us are either being conformed to this world or we’re being transformed into the image of Christ. When the world is conforming us it keeps us from worshiping God in the way he wants as well.
  • Christ and the world both have “patterns” or ways of living that we will follow depending on what we surrender ourselves to. When we start walking with Jesus for the first time, he saves our souls, but our flesh can still cause problems. We have to continually choose to be conformed to Christ’s image.
  • So whether it’s our eyes, our hands, our mouths, or our feet, we all have to ask ourselves what the ways are that keep us from walking wholeheartedly with the Lord.

What part of your life have you allowed the world to conform that you need to allow the Holy Spirit to transform into the image of Christ?

3.  The Word and worship teach us the will of God.

Romans 12:2
Leader Notes

  • We all at different times wonder what the will of God is and how to carry it out in our lives, but it’s really not rocket science. When we walk in God’s will, we worship him with our whole lives.
  • The surefire way to know God’s will is to be in the Word regularly and worshiping him intentionally on a daily basis. When we put ourselves within worship and the Word, we open ourselves up to the voice of the Spirit. So if we prioritize the right things in life, we can’t help but know the will of God because he’ll increasingly reveal his mind to us.

What place does the Word of God take in your daily life, and what part of your day is centered around the worship of God?