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Our lives are never a straight course, are they? There’s twists and turns and obstacles we have to navigate all the time, and what makes it even harder is when we feel alone in the midst of it all. Sometimes we feel alone even in the presence of other people because no one can ever fully understand what we’re experiencing. But one of the beautiful things about Jesus, is he’s fully present with us in the midst of all we go through…and he totally gets it. God’s presence is his promise to us. Join us as we embark on a new series through 1 Chronicles 16:7-36, and encounter the power of being in the presence of God.


1. Let worship lead to mission.

1 Chronicles 16:8
Leader Notes

  • When we take our culture and bring it into our worship, we start to think worship is all about God and us, instead of realizing Jesus died for all of us and loves all of us, and our worship should drive our commitment to mission and outreach.
  • Worship is an all-encompassing lifestyle, not just a set of songs we sing.

How are you allowing your worship of Jesus to drive you to serve other people and their needs?

2.  Sing, talk and rejoice.

1 Chronicles 16:9-10
Leader Notes

  • If you want to understand what God is getting at in his words, follow the verbs. In this passage, the verbs “sing, talk and rejoice” show us how God desires to be worshiped. The Lord loves our musical praises. He delights when we talk about our faith. And he loves when we rejoice in him no matter what goes on.
  • People talk about the things you want to talk about. So don’t be afraid to talk about the wondrous things God is doing in your life or the ways you are learning to trust Jesus.
  • Rejoicing is the practice of having joy, which is different from happiness. Happiness is circumstantial. Joy is a disposition of the heart that glorifies God no matter what is going on.
  • The common thread among singing, talking and rejoicing is each verb signifies a life of worship that transcends all our spheres, public and private. Our worship of God should stay consistent no matter who is around.

How is your public expression of worship being matched in your own private life with no one else around?

3.  Seek and remember.

1 Chronicles 16:11-13
Leader Notes

  • Jesus promised to never leave us…but our job is to always seek him. Even though we are in his presence always, walking with Jesus is just that – a continual walk that involves us seeking after him and pursuing to know him more.
  • Part of that is remember God’s works of faithfulness in the past. When things get tough, it’s easy to feel like God isn’t with us. But remembering his faithfulness to us previously can help us trust that he’s present with us in our current circumstances.

How can you do a better job of remembering the things the Lord has already done and that he’s with you right now in your present circumstances?