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Every significant thing we do in our lives starts in the same place – a decision. Once we truly decide, we can do what we want to do, and go where we want to go. That’s the easy part. But making the decision? That’s a whole lot harder because there are so many variables we’re constantly weighing as we evaluate our lives. It’s easy to over-think things and wind up paralyzed as we try to make decisions. But Jesus made the most important decision in history at great personal cost…and it changed the world forever.


1. Make the decision.

Leader Notes

  • All of life comes down to decision-making. Life never just “happens” to us, but it’s made up of the series of choices we make day-in and day-out. The biggest decision each of us will face is whether or not to follow Jesus.
  • Once we make the decision to follow Jesus, every other decision in life takes on a new shape…will we do what’s glorifying to God or not? What and how we think about our lives, ourselves, and God shapes every single decision that we make. And every single decision matters because it’s part of setting the tone for the rest of our lives.

How can you glorify God in the decisions you’re faced with today?

2. Depend on God’s provision.

Leader Notes

  • Once we put our faith and trust in Jesus, God totally transforms the foundation of our lives. God has provided us with grace and freedom and a brand new life in Christ…but we have to trust in his provision. No matter what our feelings may tell us, that’s the reality.
  • If we live like we always have, in self-reliance, trusting no one else, we’ll never live the way God wants us to. We’ll just keep repeating the same mistakes again and again, because those choices are our defaults. So we have to set new defaults for the way we approach decisions.
    God loves us. If we trust the provision of his love, we don’t have to make decisions from fear, shame, obligation, desire for human approval – because we know we’re secure in God’s provision for us.

What would it look like for you to trust God’s provision in your life right now?

3. Trust in the Holy Spirit’s power.

Leader Notes

  • Making the best decisions for our lives is impossible by our own strength. Willpower is never enough to live out God’s will over the long haul, especially because our willpower wanes over time. We never do anything perfectly anyway, but especially when we’re making the hard decisions and expecting ourselves to get everything right 100 percent of the time, we’re asking too much of ourselves.
  • The only way to make the right decisions consistently over the long haul is to consistently do our best, and then consistently bring everything before God. He filters through those decisions for us and gives us wisdom, supplying us with his power so we can live the life he’s called us to. We weren’t designed to live God’s life in our strength. That’s why he gives us his. When we yield to the Holy Spirit, he gives us the strength to live the life he wants us to live.
  • We have to surrender to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives and depend on his power. It’s easier said than done, but it’s the secret to experiencing God’s joy in anything we go through.

What would it look like for you to yield to the Holy Spirit and depend on his power in what you’re going through right now?

4. Determine to follow God’s path.

Leader Notes

  • Part of making decisions to do the right things involves making the decision to stop doing the wrong things. If there’s something in our lives that makes it really hard to do the right things, that’s the thing we need to stop doing that so we can open ourselves up to the work of God in our lives.
  • It’s foolish to put ourselves in tempting situations and expect ourselves to be strong enough to resist. The wise choice is to remove the tempting influence or remove ourselves from the environment so we can follow God’s path.

What do you need to remove from your life so you can say yes to the right things?