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Walking with Jesus can feel like hard work…and it can be. But so often we over-complicate what it means to just walk, step-by-step, with the Lord. That’s why at Crossroads we love to say that we are “simply responding to Jesus.” As a church family, we want to embrace simplicity with an elegant consistency, to grow in faith over the long haul, without losing our childlike sense of keeping things simple. Join us this Sunday for a special Mid-Year Vision Update about 2019’s Year of Simplicity, as we celebrate the work of God in and through our Crossroads family!


1. We are embracing simplicity with an elegant consistency.

Leader Notes

  • At Crossroads, we’ve called 2019 a Year of Simplicity, focusing on this sentence: We are embracing simplicity with an elegant consistency.
  • Jesus is not complex – he is simple, in the sense that he just is who he says he is. He has no double motives or hidden agendas. We are the ones who get increasingly dramatic and complicated as we get older. As we embrace simplicity, we can know the Lord more fully and wholeheartedly too.
  • Consistency is necessary for anything we really want in life, physical or spiritual…Not that we “earn” anything in the kingdom of God. Everything is a gift of God’s grace. However, walking with God takes consistency. And if we’re consistent, the work we do is not in vain even if we don’t get the outcomes we want.

Where has your walk with Jesus become complex or inconsistent, and what practical steps can you take to simplify so you can keep growing?

2.  We are cultivating an awareness of God’s presence.

Leader Notes

  • In a Year of Simplicity, we’re focusing on the only three things that are eternal: God, God’s Word and people. God is always with us. We just live so much of our lives distracted we miss him.
  • To grow in awareness of God’s constant presence, we usually have to do something or give up something. We have to make a change by doing something to consistently seek him.
  • One way we’re doing this as the Crossroads family over the next 21 days (Aug. 19-Sept. 8) is through a prayer and fast. When we give up something we need to focus on what we need more (the Lord’s presence), amazing things happen. Find out more about the fast at

What do you need to stop doing or start doing so that you can continue to grow and cultivate an awareness of the Lord’s presence?

3.  We are digging into the Word of God together.

Leader Notes

  • Two of the most important ways we get to know God better are through the two other eternal things: his Word and people.
  • Studying God’s Word helps us learn more about him, and it’s also one of the ways he speaks to us.
  • God’s Word becomes transformational when it is received by faith, and you apply it to your life at street-level, in community. We have to study it together, in the company of God’s family of faith, to really understand the Bible in a tangible way.

How can you grow deeper in community and allow that to help you put feet on your faith?

4.  We are transforming our community and our world.

Leader Notes

  • Our faith finds its full realization when we allow the transforming work Jesus does in our lives to give us hands and feet to reach into our community and our world.
  • One way we’re doing this together as a church family is with Back to Church Sunday on September 8. Over the next few weeks, we will choose three people to pray for and invite back to church for that day.

Who are the 3 people you will pray for and invite to Back to Church Sunday?