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Our joy is never complete unless it’s shared. When we experience something that brings us joy, we want to share it with others – whether it’s a new restaurant, a new relationship or a new job. We all want to belong, to experience the kind of community that only comes from sharing experiences…in the same way, when we walk with Jesus and share about who he is, we not only experience true joy, but true relationship with others too. Join us this Sunday as we learn together what it means to share our life in Jesus and also experience the truest belonging we’ve ever known.


1. Tell everyone the good news.

1 Chronicles 16:23-24
Leader Notes

  • Our joy is never complete unless it’s shared. When we experience something that brings us joy, we want to share it with others. The same should be true of our relationship with Jesus!
  • Although we are commanded to share the good news with other people, we should also have a natural desire to, born of our love for Jesus and our longing for others to know him.
  • If we don’t have a natural inclination to share the good news of Jesus with others, we need to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves why.
  • God has given each of us a sphere of influence – connections in our daily life with whom we can share the gospel of Jesus, even if we don’t leave our neighborhood.

Do you have an urgency to tell others the good news of Jesus, and if not, why?

2.  Praise and fear the Lord.

1 Chronicles 16:25
Leader Notes

  • The Lord is worthy of our praise and our fear. “Fearing” the Lord doesn’t mean we have to be afraid of him, but rather, that because of who God is, he is worthy of our honor and obedience.
  • Proverbs says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When we fear the Lord (obey and honor him with everything in our lives), everything else in our lives falls into place. We prioritize rightly when we fear the Lord.

How do you need to re-prioritize your life, to fear the Lord above all else?

3.  Behold God’s glory.

1 Chronicles 16:26-27
Leader Notes

  • God’s glory is a constant – he is always glorious, unchanging, almighty. However, in the same way that we can choose to praise and fear him, we can choose whether or not we behold and acknowledge his glory.
  • To behold God’s glory, we need to look for it. We can spot God’s glory in people, in our circumstances, and in the good gifts he gives us. God’s glory helps us see everything else the way we should: of lesser importance than God himself, but meant to be enjoyed within his perfect design.

How can you choose to behold God’s glory in your daily life, and grow in Jesus continually?