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1. Oppression will be overcome

  • Scripture Reference: James 5:1-6,  Matthew 6:19-21
  • Leader Notes
      • The Lord warns about where we put our time, resources and money. As we look at all we have, are we using our resources to alleviate oppression around us, or causing more? The Lord beckons us to store up things that are eternal.  
      • Sometimes when we focus too much on acquiring “more” we miss the opportunities to be generous and help those in need.
    • Questions for Reflection: 
  • Where do I see injustice around me?
    • How can I help alleviate injustice?

2. Wait with patience

  • Scripture Reference: James 5:7-11, Romans 8:25
  • Leader Notes
      • Sometimes seasons are hard to wait through. We can grow tired and weary if we keep relying on our own strength. We know from reading James that as we sow seeds now, in the future a harvest is promised. What you are sowing now…faithfulness, grace, patience….will reap a harvest from the Lord. 
      • As humans, we all struggle to stay positive and see beauty in all circumstances. One way we can begin to do that is by being aware of when we grumble. As we work on not grumbling, the beauty of what the Lord is doing will be easier to see. 
    • Questions for Reflection: 
      • Where am I struggling to learn patience? 
  • What’s one practical way I can work on grumbling less and having more patience?

3. Learn grit from the prophets

  • Scripture Reference: James 5:10-12, Matthew 5:34-37
  • Leader Notes
      • Suffering is never fun, but it can be fruitful for the kingdom. As we see in verses 10 and 11, we see that the prophets endured and were patient. James is encouraged by that, and we should be too. 
      • Suffering for the Lord with patience and joy can encourage those around you to do the same when they are in hard seasons. We see in 1 Peter 4:19 that people who suffer according to the will of God should commit their souls to Him in doing good. 
    • Questions for reflection: 
      • What does perseverance look like to you?
  • Is there a situation where you feel you are suffering and you need to find joy in the midst of it?