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A core part of being human is asking questions…because life has a way of raising deep questions within all of us. Things happen that are challenging for us to wrap our minds around or see purpose in – our understanding is limited. Sometimes we feel like asking questions of God means we don’t have faith. In reality, God isn’t scared of our questions. He invites our questions because they’re opportunities to go deeper with him! Join us this Sunday for a message about the questions we’re all asking…and find that the one thing we never have to question is God’s unending love for us.


1.  Who can be against us?

Romans 8:31
Leader Notes

  • Lots of things can be against us, but nothing can be victorious. In Christ, we already have unending victory. Even though tons of things come up against us in life, they will never ultimately prevail over us.
  • The things that feel like they’re against you – some of them are really nasty and not at all what we want. But at the end of the day, we can trust that God is using our circumstances to make us more like Jesus – if we respond in faith to him and walk in his Spirit.

What are you going through right now that God is using to make you more like Jesus?

2. Can God be this good?

Romans 8:32
Leader Notes

  • Paul argues in this section of Romans that we can be confident God is going to take care of everything we need…because he already gave us the greatest gift ever, in Jesus Christ. Because God didn’t withhold his own Son from us, he’s proven to us his goodness.
  • Because God’s end goal is that we be conformed to the image of his Son, sometimes how he answers our prayers, or the timing in which he does, feels wrong to us. But even though God’s plans are usually different from ours, they’re always better. So when our circumstances seem to contradict God’s goodness, we can look to the cross and renew our faith in his character.

How can you trust in God’s goodness when you’re dealing with your own needs, desires, and situations?

3. Is God’s love secure?

Romans 8:33-35
Leader Notes

  • The only thing that is truly secure in our lives is that God’s love for us will never change or stop.
  • There are many things in our lives that we expect to be secure…and aren’t. Relationships, families, jobs, paychecks, dreams and goals – lots of things are more insecure than we want or expect them to be. But even though everything else changes, God’s love doesn’t, and that should transform how we look at and work through everything else.

How does God’s love being so secure transform the way you move through a world that is messy with all sorts of issues in it?