Every spring, all the world is reborn from the cold of winter, and the seasons mimic the way God designed our lives to work too. We all experience seasons of suffering that feel like “death” in our lives…God’s story of redemption for the world didn’t end with Jesus’ death – but with his resurrection! With Jesus, the places in our lives that feel like the dead of winter right now are “compost” – the surprisingly fertile ground through which God wants to bring forth new life and resurrected dreams, as we trust him. Join us as we celebrate Easter and the resurrection God is writing into each of our stories!


1.  Jesus deserves glory.

John 12:20-23
Leader Notes

  • Our culture gives glory to lots of things: people who are professional athletes, celebrities, successful people, politicians, musicians. But our culture doesn’t glorify the only Person who ever died and rose again.
  • Jesus is worthy of our honor and glory, but glorifying him is also the best thing we can do for ourselves. When we glorify Jesus, we make room for him to blossom the things he wants to blossom in our lives.

How can you better glorify Jesus in the very circumstances you find yourself in right now?

2. Your priorities lead to your destiny.

John 12:24-25
Leader Notes

  • The way God bears fruit in our lives is the same way Jesus demonstrated his power – he rose from the dead! God bears fruit in our lives by bringing life from dead things.
  • We have to die to ourselves in order for God to bear fruit in our lives.
  • When we prioritize the things culture prioritizes and let our own ideas about how things should go die, we are freed up to pursue God’s priorities. Ultimately, the choices we make along the way are what result in our destiny, or where we end up in life.

How are your priorities leading to your destiny, and what kind of fruit is it bearing? What would it look like if you aligned your priorities with God’s priorities for you?

3. The choice is yours.

John 12:26
Leader Notes

  • We are the only ones who can choose what we prioritize. When we do choose to prioritize what God prioritizes, God honors that kind of life, just like he did with Jesus.
  • If you choose to prioritize God’s best for your life, you’ll not only receive eternal life to come, but God’s abundant life in the here and now.

What’s holding you back from choosing to follow Jesus and live the kind of life God honors?