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When you love something or someone, you don’t want to just experience it yourself – you want everyone else to experience that thing or know that person too! You want to experience it at full volume. As we pick up where we left off in Romans, the apostle Paul shows us a practical way to experience life fully and abundantly. Join us this Sunday for the start of our new series Amplify, and find out how to move from experiencing life halfway, to joining the party.


1. Present yourself for transformation.

Romans 12:1-2
Leader Notes

  • Every day we change in some way – we’ll either be conformed to the world or transformed from the inside out by Jesus. Being conformed to this world is the default position that happens whenever you don’t take any thought with your life and just live on autopilot.
  • Being transformed by Jesus is both the work the Spirit does within us, and our cooperation with him as we choose to walk with him. Here, Paul says transformation occurs when we renew our minds. We have to choose who we present ourselves to, and for what purpose. And we want to be able to give the whole of ourselves to Jesus.

Who are you presenting yourself to, and for what reason?

2.  Humbly join the party.

Romans 12:3-5
Leader Notes

  • When we’re transformed by Jesus, he not only changes how we live and move in the world, but Jesus places us into a community (the church). God wants all of us to realize we need to be part of something bigger, and that’s not a group of people who are exactly like us…we learn to do life alongside people with whom the only thing we have in common is Jesus.
  • We have to practice humility in our differences instead of assuming the worst of people. When Jesus transforms us, we can assume the best of people and trust God with what we don’t understand.
  • Sometimes our struggle with church comes from us not participating at all, and sometimes it comes from participating with the wrong heart, or without humility.

Where are you struggling to humbly join the party?

3.  Use your gifts.

Romans 12:6-8
Leader Notes

  • Part of our responsibility within Christ’s body, the church is to use our gifts.When we use our gifts, we become stewards of the many-sided grace of God. That’s because God gifts us so we can serve others.
  • When we use our gifts to serve ourselves, we divide ourselves from others every time things don’t go our way. When we serve with humility for the Lord, the whole body of Christ begins to work together.

How do you need to serve others with the gifts God’s entrusted to you?