Life feels like a battle sometimes. There’s some really hard things that happen to us and around us that make keeping our head up feel almost impossible sometimes. When you feel like you’ve been totally defeated and knocked down by life, there is a hope available to you that will give you what you need to come out on top no matter what’s going on…because God’s love is stronger than everything. And it might seem too good to be true – so join us this Sunday as we learn why hope is a reality we can live in!


1.  We are more than conquerors.

Romans 8:37
Leader Notes

  • We all have a lie or a fear we believe about ourselves, and if we don’t discipline ourselves to listen to truth, we’ll tie everything in our lives to a false story: “You are not enough. You are unlovable. You are broken beyond repair.” But Jesus wants us to tie our life stories to the gospel and let his love for us define who we are.
  • God doesn’t cause suffering in our lives…but the suffering we experience is part of this world. In the things that bum us out or freak us out, God has given us a new way of looking at things.
  • So often our circumstances leave us feeling defeated, but God has made us more than conquerors in Jesus. Not only has Jesus conquered sin and death in our lives, but in everything that causes us to suffer, he reigns victorious over our circumstances. When it doesn’t feel like we’re victorious over the challenges we face, it’s because we’ve bought the lie that victory is dependent on us. God makes us more than conquerors in Christ, regardless of what we’re capable of on our own.

How would your life look different if you changed your thinking knowing that you’re coming from a place of victory already?

2. God’s love is stronger than everything.

Romans 8:38-39
Leader Notes

  • The circumstances you’re dealing with right now – your worries, your sorrow – they can’t separate us from God’s love. Often the things we go through make us feel like we’re separated from the love of God, but God’s love is stronger than anything we go through.
  • Nothing, even spiritual forces of darkness, can separate us from God’s love.
  • That means every single experience and every single thing you come in contact with is an opportunity for you to explore the territory of what God’s love looks like for those around you.
  • When someone says something hurtful, we have an opportunity to explore the terrain of God’s love in not being devastated and in committing that person into the hands of God.

In what situation is God inviting you to explore the terrain of his love in ways you wouldn’t have expected?

3. Are you persuaded that Jesus is Lord?

Romans 8:38-39
Leader Notes

  • Worshiping Jesus as Lord is the most subversive, counter-cultural thing we can do because we live in a culture that says, “You are the sun in the center of your solar system.” But the world doesn’t revolve around us.
  • When we acknowledge that Jesus is Lord over our circumstances, we won’t get everything we wanted or understand everything, but we can rest assured that he is reigning sovereign in our lives and working all things to his good purposes.

How do you need to acknowledge Jesus as Lord in your life and in your present circumstances?