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Nobody wants a boring life – we all want to be part of something extraordinary. And we’ll do almost anything to scratch that itch sometimes: travel, chase business ventures, try extreme sports – sometimes we even pursue things that can hurt us…but ultimately our longing for adventure, for something more, is God-given. Jesus invites each of us to a life of purpose and mission, and he’s even given us his Spirit to empower and prepare us for that mission. Join us this weekend as we discover how we can experience delight and purpose in a way we never have before!


1.  Sharing is caring.

Romans 10:14-15
Leader Notes

  • All of us share about the things we care about. Probably within the last month someone has recommended a movie or TV show to you; because they like it, they want you to enjoy it too! We do it with restaurants, bands, stores, books…but culturally, we struggle to do that with our faith because we act like our faith is too personal a thing to talk about.
  • In reality, our faith in Jesus is exactly what should be most natural for us to talk about! Since Jesus is the best person in our lives, it would make sense for us to “recommend” him to other people too.
  • In each of our lives, we need to share about Jesus both through words and actions. If our words and actions don’t match up, most likely people will struggle to believe what we’re saying to them about Jesus.

How is your life not proclaiming the gospel, and how can you grow in those areas so you can proclaim the gospel?

2. Not all who hear will say yes.

Romans 10:16-21
Leader Notes

  • When we do share the gospel with people, it takes some pressure off to know that not all people say yes to Jesus when they hear the truth about him. Our job – what Jesus calls us to – is not to get people to say yes to him, but to share the truth of who he is. God promises to do the rest.
  • Many people start off resistant to the gospel, but they may say yes down the road. That’s why it’s so important we don’t give up on people. We need to keep sharing and keep loving on people because we never know what’s going on in people’s hearts, or what the Lord might already be up to in them.
  • God is asking each of us to walk through the open doors he gives us – to seize the opportunity to share with the people who are already around us, in our spheres of influence.

What are the open doors God has placed in front of you so you can join him in changing the world?

3. There is always a remnant.

Romans 11:1-5
Leader Notes

  • Even though not all people say yes, God always reserves a remnant for himself, a portion of people who are faithful to him. That’s true for the people of Israel, and it’s true here in America as well.
  • It’s becoming extremely unpopular to be a follower of Jesus in western society, so the people who grew up in church but never actually wanted to follow Jesus are leaving the church. That means in our churches and communities, we have the opportunity to be a “faithful remnant,” a group of people devoted to God and his word no matter what happens. We want to live that way because it’s a powerful testimony to people who don’t know Jesus about what it should look like to follow him.

How can you do a better job of encouraging and building up other people to be that faithful remnant?

4. God’s grace is effective.

Romans 11:6-10
Leader Notes

  • For any of us who believe and receive God’s grace, his grace is effective, and it’s all that we need. What that means is this: we can never earn salvation by doing good works, only by receiving the free gift of eternal life offered us in Jesus. Because of grace, it’s not about works anymore. Our works are a response of the heart when we recognize what Jesus has done for us.
  • Sure, God still sees our failures…but if we know Jesus, he sees us through Jesus’ righteousness.
  • So many people don’t follow Jesus, not because they don’t want to be saved, but because they’d rather try to save themselves. It doesn’t work though, and we know this from personal experience. Nothing we do ever quite gets us where we need to be.

How do you need to trust God’s grace more as opposed to your own works?