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Trust in the Lord

  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Leader Notes: “In our culture, we have an abundance of options, from coffee to sodas and channels on TVs we have options, but there is no option when it comes to having a stable life, we must trust the LORD in order to have a stable life.” 
    • 1. Trust is more than a rational agreement, it means having absolute confidence in your security. Think of a small child being with their loving parents. Kids give absolute trust. They live in a constant state of security. 
    • 2. Children of God can rest in full confidence that their security is safe. 
    • 3. 
  • How does your life reflect God instead of the world?

Lean into the Lord

  • 2 Chronicles 25
  • Leader Notes King Amaziah was concerned about his strength and the safety of his people. He hired 100,000 troops from a surrounding pagan nation. This act displeased the LORD and he sent a prophet to rebuke the worrisome king. 
    • 1. The King repented and released the troops he hired and God gave him the victory. 
    • 2. All means all. We are to trust in the LORD with everything and completely. Leaning on the LORD means doing all that God is leading you to do. 
    • 3. We tragically neglect trusting in God’s word. We trust the ways of the world when we don’t place trust on the ways of the LORD.  
  • What needs to change to have a secure foundation?

Follow the Lord

  • 1 Kings 13
  • Leader Notes: Jeroboam was misleading the people of God. As a leader he was worried about losing his followers so he created places of false worship. 
    • 1. We worry about inflation. We worry about so many things. We trust food more than we trust God. We go into restaurants and eat what is served without question, and yet we don’t trust God this way. 
    • 2. Jeroboam was corrected by a prophet of God. 
    • 3. We too often default to our own understanding. Trusting in ourselves is simply foolish. 
  • How do I navigate being in the world but not of it?

Optional Follow-up Questions:

  • What makes you say that?
  • How do you feel about that?
  • How would you explain your answer to a non-Christian friend or neighbor?
  • Why did God design it to work that way? Why not just do (whatever else) instead?
  • What would you say to someone who disagrees with that?
  • Why do we really have to do it like that? Why can’t we just go (some other route) instead?