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1. Don’t Be Judgy

  • James 4:11-12, Matthew 7:1-5
  • Leader Notes
      • Conflicts happen because we are self centered and we need to humble ourselves. Our culture tells us that everything is up for judgement, but the Lord says everyone deserves love and grace.
      • It’s important to note that the standard we hold others to is the same standard that the Lord will hold us to. 
    • Where do I struggle with looking down on people?
  • What standard do you hold others to that you don’t hold yourself to?

2. Don’t assume tomorrow is promise

  • James 4:13-16  , Proverbs 27:1
  • Leader Notes
      • If the Lord wills, we should do this or that. Since we aren’t promised tomorrow, everyday we should have our eyes open for what He wants to do through us, today. 
      • When you ask God for His will, your comfort and convenience is not His goal. His goal and primary purpose is to transform you. 
    • What false assumptions do I hold about God’s will?
  • What’s the next step I need to make in order to be open to God’s will in my life?

3. Don’t neglect to do good

  • James 4:17, Hebrews 13:16
  • Leader Notes
      • Every day we have choices to make. As followers of Jesus, the Holy Spirit will be guiding us in what choices we should be making and we need not neglect that leading. 
      • If we choose to not do the right thing, the bible says we are actually sinning. It’s harsh, but true. These are choices in how you spend your time, money, resources, and relationships. 
    • Where do I need to start doing what I know to be good?
  • What do I need to cut from my life to make space for what the Lord is calling me to do?