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1. Pray for healing

  • James 5:13-15, Exodus 15:26
  • Leader Notes
    • God tells us that we are to be for each other. To help carry each others burdens, to pray for one another. As we see in James, prayer for healing is a part of carrying burdens for one another.
    • If we need healing, we should go to our brothers and sisters in Christ and have them lay hands on us. Let someone into your struggle and go to the Lord together.
      • Exercise: Right now in your group, if anyone has prayer needs. Spend a few minutes praying for healing, both physically and emotionally. 
  • Questions:
    • How can I grow in my personal prayer life?
    • How can I step out more in my faith when praying with others?

2. Remember that prayer is powerful

  • James 5:16-17, 1 Kings 17-18
  • Leader Notes
    • Our prayers should be made in expectancy that the Lord is going to move. As we see in James, the prayer, prayed in faith, makes the sick person well. Sometimes if we aren’t healed right away we may feel as though we didn’t have enough faith, but the truth is we may just not see the healing until we meet the Lord again.
    • The Lord promises us as we see in verse 16 that confession of sins and prayer for one another will bring healing from the Lord. The Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit, gives us power and effectiveness in our prayers.
    • Prayer is powerful as well when it comes to needs in our life. We see that Elijah prayed for the rain to cease, it was in the Lords will, and the rain stopped, he prayed again and the rain came. We are to bring our needs and desires before the Lord and pray for him to move in our lives.
      • Exercise: If you feel comfortable enough in the group, take some time asking for prayer for something you might be struggling with and pray together for healing in that area.
      • Exercise: As a group, share some areas you need the Lord to move to provide for a need, and take time to pray for those needs. 
  • Questions:
    • Who in my life circle needs me to pray for them right now?
    • How can I make time in my everyday to intercede for those that I know need prayer?

3. Let no one wander away

  • James 5:19-20, Galatians 6:1-2
  • Leader Notes
    • We all can probably think of someone we know who followed Jesus for a time and have since walked a way from the truth. We are to be consistently praying for that person. No one is too far out of reach from the Lord’s love if it’s in His will for that person to know him. His ways are high, His thoughts greater.
  • Questions
    • Who is someone I know who needs to be restored back to Jesus?
    • How can I help people be restored to Jesus?