Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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In 1988, the acapella song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” became a smash hit for previously unknown artist Bobby McFerrin. It was the first acapella song to ever reach #1 on the Billboard charts. In 1994, Disney’s Lion King popularized the Swahili saying, “Hakuna matata,” meaning “there are no worries!” And in 2013, a new Super Bowl ad launched where a white guy named Dave speaks in a Jamaican accent, appearing next to his coworkers saying stuff like, “No worries, man. Everything will be all right!” and, “Julia! Turn the frown...the OTHA way around!”   These popular songs, movies, and ad campaigns suggest that if we really zoned in on the good things in life, it would feel like a party. But how many of us experience that day in and day out? This Sunday in our Top Ten Psalms series, we will focus on Psalm 46. In this Psalm, God reaches into our hearts in a much more powerful way than any song, movie, or commercial could ever do, teaching us how to find calm in the midst of our crazy everyday existence.
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