The Visitation


Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:39-45

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her she would give birth to the Messiah, the news was both wonderful...and terrifying. Mary would have been publicly shamed and humiliated and probably disowned by a lot of people in her community. So what did she do? She jumped right into humble service on behalf of someone else. Crazy, right? If we follow her example, we just might find a joy we never could have dreamed of on our own.
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The Announcement

Dec 6, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:26-38

The Song

Dec 20, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:46-55

The Humble / Sacred Birth

Dec 24, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 2:1-20