What Worship Should Be


Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 10:17-24

If you’ve followed Jesus for a while or spent any time around church, you’ve heard the word “worship” tossed around a lot...But worship is far more than something we do on a Sunday morning - it’s a life-encompassing, world-altering reality. This weekend, join us as we learn how a sense of wonder transforms everything we’ve ever known or experienced.
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Consequential Thinking

Jun 16, 2019

Pastor Bill Ritchie • Proverbs 22:6


Jun 23, 2019

Pastor Robert Furrow • Romans 14

Freedom From (John 15:1-5) - Pastor Gabe Moreno

Jun 30, 2019

Pastor Gabe Moreno • John 15:1-5

Jesus Has a Plan

Jul 7, 2019

Luke Frechette • Revelation 1:1-4

Conformed or Transformed?

Jul 21, 2019

Tony Clark • Romans 12:1-2