Diagnosis: Be Revived

Case Study
It is often said that reputation is what people think you are and character is what God knows you are. We are all rightly concerned about our reputations. Perception is reality and we all desire a good reputation. But we must be careful to place too much trust in our reputation amongst men to the expense of what Jesus knows. This is the exact mistake that the Church in Sardis made. As Jesus did His forensic analysis of this church, the diagnosis was dire. "Be revived," Jesus cries. In our next installment of our exciting Case Study series of Revelation 2-3, Pastor Daniel will be looking at the Church in Sardis. This church had a great reputation but Jesus says that it is dead. But Jesus, as is His way, is not content to leave the church in shambles. He counsels the church in Sardis, and us as well, on the steps to revival. You need to be here on Sunday. And don’t forget to bring everyone you know. God is on the move at Crossroads!
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