Walk This Way

The Top Ten

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Psalm 1

The year was 1986 and something extraordinary happened. There was the fusion of a classic rock song by Aerosmith with a remix done by rap artist Run DMC. This first of its kind fusion both invented a new genre (rock rap) that is still popular to this day and also reinvigorated the career of Aerosmith. That song, which ended up at number 5 on Billboard’s 100 was entitled “Walk This Way.”   Walk This Way is the name of our first message in The Top Ten series on the book of Psalms. Pastor Daniel will focus on Psalm 1 which is also the fitting doorkeeper to the entire Psalter. In this Psalm we will learn that there are two different paths that we can follow. One is the path of blessing and fruitfulness. The other is the path of judgment and death. For each of us, choosing which way to walk is a daily endeavor. This new series is going to be amazing. Come one and come all.
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