The Mission: Knowing
In the virtual world we live in, the concept of "friends" has taken on a whole new meaning. While many of us have formed new ties with people and reconnected with people we haven't seen for years, now we have more and more people we "know," but at a shallow level. We end up wondering if we really know them at all, or if they even begin to know the real "us." With the new reality of "friends" and "circles" in our life, true friendships take on a deeper meaning. We love knowing people who are on the inside, who know us as we really are, and love us unconditionally. They will encourage us when we're down, confront us when we need to grow, and walk with us through whatever we are facing in our life. For many, that kind of friend is few and far between. But that's exactly the kind of relationship God wants to have with us. He doesn't only tell us about sin and grace and the cross, and leave it there. He wants us to be "tight" with him, in a relationship so intimate that we delight in being transparent before Him, vulnerable in every way because we understand he will support us, teach us, love us, and encourage us in every area of our life.
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