The Dinah Incident

Focusing on Genesis 34-50, the final installment of our journey through the book of Genesis is called Brothers. This section will showcase the interactions amongst the children of Jacob. Jacob's 12 sons become the 12 tribes of Israel, but the beginnings of the nation of Israel are not without substantial conflict and issues.
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Patriarchs Mop-Up

Sep 5, 2012


Sep 12, 2012

Judah, Tamar and the Grace of God

Sep 19, 2012

Joseph in Egypt

Oct 3, 2012

Brothers In Egypt

Oct 10, 2012

Reunion In Egypt

Oct 24, 2012

Adoption of Joseph’s Sons

Nov 7, 2012

Jacob’s Prophecy

Nov 14, 2012

Setting the Stage

Nov 21, 2012