The Song


Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:46-55

In a year as tumultuous as 2020 has been, it can be hard to see where God has been at work. As we pick up where we left off in the Christmas story, we’ll find encouragement for all the problems we face, no matter how big or small––because it’s in some of the humblest circumstances that God works in the most unexpected and powerful ways. And when Mary saw God work, it inspired her to write a beautiful song of praise.
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The Announcement

Dec 6, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:26-38

The Visitation

Dec 13, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 1:39-45

The Humble / Sacred Birth

Dec 24, 2020

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 2:1-20