The Overflow

The Mission: Knowing

Bill Ritchie • John 15:12 - 16:15

Intimacy is so personal -- even the word itself has become more so over time. What once meant faithful, devoted and cherished, intimacy has become a word that our culture relates to our most private, innermost thoughts and relationships. So how much more personal is Divintimacy? It's deeply personal, and God's intention is that like a branch attached to a vine, there is a deep rooted connection between us and God. But at some point, that connection means more than nourishment, it means the branch bears fruit.   We all want to see this fruitfulness in our lives, but how does that happen? This Sunday, Pastor Daniel will continue our Knowing series, sharing from John 15 and 16 about The Overflow. The overflow not only will fill our lives, it will spill out and change the world. And the consequences are incredible. Come and learn more this Sunday, and bring someone who is seeking God's overflow in their lives.
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