Come As You Are

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Pastor Daniel Fusco • Psalm 139

In the mid-80s, a new sound emerged from the Seattle area combining indie rock, punk, and metal music that became known as grunge music. It was relatively unknown until the early 1990s when grunge hit mainstream and the band Nirvana changed the face of music. Their debut album Nevermind soared up the charts and their second single, Come As You Are, was an instant hit. Come As You Are speaks to the complexities and contradictions of being human. And its the perfect title to our next Psalm in our Top Ten series. Do you ever get tired of trying to measure up? Real life is gritty and complicated, and sometimes we wonder if Jesus understands. Psalm 139 and shows us how God lays out a beautiful invitation for all people to come as they are. Jesus gets it. No matter how complex or challenging life is, He has created each of us, cares for us deeply, and wants to sustain us through life’s highs and lows.
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