Brand New King

Brand New

Pastor Daniel Fusco • Luke 19:28-48

Try and imagine the scene. You are on the Mount of Olives and there is a huge commotion. There is a man riding a donkey and people are going nuts, singing and waving branches and laying their clothes on the ground. It is absolute pandemonium. Then the man on the donkey, a man heralded king, begins to weep. He proclaims amidst the tears, that destruction is coming on a beloved city. He then goes into the temple courts and begins to get physical with the people in there. Can you imagine that scene? This is exactly how Jesus began the last week of His earthly life and ministry. In a seemingly unrelated hodgepodge of events, we see Jesus as He really is, the brand new king. But Jesus is a king like no other king has ever been or ever will be. Jesus is equally prophet, priest and king.
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Brand New Life

Mar 31, 2013

Bill Ritchie • 2 Corinthians 5:17