We know that it’s not always easy to open up and share what’s going on in your life. But life gets messy, and no matter who we are, we need people to come alongside and support us in prayer. If you need prayer for a specific need, let us know and your request will go to a committed team of prayer partners who regularly meet and lift people up to God in prayer.

Please don’t include advertising, vulgarity, political agendas, slander, personal information such as phone numbers or addresses, or personal accusations.

We pray over many requests each day so please keep it an appropriate length so we can give each request equal attention.

If you would like to speak with a chaplain, please call 360-256-9711 and ask for a chaplain.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

If you are considering taking your life, please call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Submit a Prayer Request


  • Please pray for my parents as they are looking to relocate closer to us so that we can help them out more as they are aging. Asking that God would provide a place that would meet their specific needs & in His right timing. Please also pray that their home would sell in a timely manner when they are ready & that this transition wouldn’t be too stressful or hard on either of them.
  • Prayer for a friend and I. We became distracted in life. And with things. We departed from each other and a domino’s effect. What Pastor Daniel shared this day in his sermon really hit close to home. You have to let things relax and settle. Then the recovery begins. I wish we put God in our center of attention better. As when he is in the center. Things happen. I really care for this person. She has things of her own she is battling.
    Thank you.
  • Thank You, Lord for giving me favor with the staff and manager/owner of The Palms Beach Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda. Please let the weather be great during my visit in August 2022. Praise be to You, Lord!In Jesus’ name Amen
  • My sons Jon and Zane need prayer for strength against the enemy. Please pray for them to find fellowship and guidance in their lives. As young men, they are choosing to live in the way that is not going to bring them peace and happiness. I have tried to help them but society/friends is pulling them a different direction. I pray they will choose a better pathway leading back to Crossroads and to God. I am blessed with my Christian friends/family here at Crossroads. You are an amazing team!! Woo Woo! Miss ya'll !!
    Thank you,
    Maria Brewer
  • Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving me favor with Kim, Tiaan and Fadeelah. Please let them be very happy with me and my work. In Jesus' name AMEN
  • Thank You, Abba Father, for giving me favor with Ms Stichling, Mr Senyatsi, Todd, Mr Ally, Ms van Aswegen, Mr Olivier, and Charlotte, and for every person I appear in front of with my matters. Thank You for victory, Lord, and for letting them grant orders in my respective clients' favor. Please let my clients be very happy with my work and help me to represent Your Kingdom well and to bring Your presence into the courtroom. May everything that I say, do and write be led and inspired by Your Holy Spirit. Help me to be coherent and to make sense. Please protect me as I drive to court and back. Surround me and my car with Your Holy Spirit and do not let anything bad happen to me or my car. In Jesus' name AMEN
  • Please pray for me I'm a 68 yr old man with very bad lower abdomen pain had 2 ultrasounds done with several doses of antibiotics but nothing is working I'm in alot of excruciating pain especially the last 2 weeks nobody knows what is wrong please pray that this will improve and go away
  • Please pray for multigenerational family struggling through multiple many unique needs on so many levels. May Our Lord guide us all.
  • Thank You, God , for giving me favor with Ms Stichling. Thank You, Lord, for victory and for letting her grant an order in my client’s favor. In Jesus’ name Amen
  • Hi CR Family! Asking for your prayers for me as next Wednesday I have unexpected invasive surgery and will be in recovery for 4 weeks. I’m a follower and friend of Jesus and know that my Lord and savior will see me through this. Whatever the outcome, I trust in his plan for my life and know that he has a purpose for my life and for yours. Many blessings!
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Weekly Memory Verse

Isaiah 43:1

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Pray for the Country of:

Central African Republic

• Pray for a peace that enables national resources to be developed for economic stability.
• Pray for the wisdom of pastors as they minister to their congregations in the face of violence and ongoing bloodshed.
• Pray that the eyes and hearts of jihadists, criminal groups and Fulani militants will be opened to Jesus.