We know that it’s not always easy to open up and share what’s going on in your life. But life gets messy, and no matter who we are, we need people to come alongside and support us in prayer. If you need prayer for a specific need, let us know and your request will go to a committed team of prayer partners who regularly meet and lift people up to God in prayer.

Please don’t include advertising, vulgarity, political agendas, slander, personal information such as phone numbers or addresses, or personal accusations.

We pray over many requests each day so please keep it an appropriate length so we can give each request equal attention.

If you would like to speak with a chaplain, please call 360-256-9711 and ask for a chaplain.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

If you are considering taking your life, please call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Submit a Prayer Request


  • Please keep me in prayer. I need prayer for all the changes in my life. I am not handling things well. Thank you
  • Requesting prayer from an Elder please:
    Please pray the door be completely closed, forever, on all sickness of my womb/reproductive system. Pray that God powerfully remove every mountain in the way of His good, perfect and pleasing will for me and for my life. Pray for lasting peace with God, to love God, for a good relationship with God - reconciliation. Pray every plan in alignment with the enemy’s will for me would completely fail. Pray only God’s plans for me would come to pass and that God’s kingdom come. Pray for strength, love, protection and God’s redeeming love. Pray for a spirit of Elijah, God’s presence and rest.
  • Please pray for my husband, Paul, as he goes in for an angiogram on Tuesday. Pray to give the doctors wisdom and a steady hand. Pray for the Holy Spirit to cover Paul and to give him peace.
  • my youngest son will wake up and quit drinking. it is destroying his health and family
  • I've caught the flu, so I ask for prayers of healing. I've also been job searching and want more guidance on where God wants me to be.
    Thank you.
  • that my children and grandchildren will receive Jesus as Lord
  • My wife of 20 years wants to end our marraige. I feel very much alone and isolated and she prepares for separtion. I am not sure even sure what to ask in prayer but I desperately need His guidance and direction.
  • For my soon to be ex-wife Alyson and me. After 27 years, I love her dearly and she means everything to me. I want to find Jesus again and have the Lord guide me to be my best self, so I can be a true partner in life to her and lead us back together again. Please Lord ease our pain during this difficult time.
  • An extended family member, Bella, is in the hospital on life support after having a heart attack and no heartbeat or oxygen for at least 5 minutes. God’s will be done.
  • financial help, Miracle, prosperity, protection and blessings
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Weekly Memory Verse

Matthew 22:39

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Pray for the Country of:


• Pray for the birth of an indigenous church focused on sharing Jesus with all Qataris. There are only a handful of known, local believers, most of whom are not spiritually mature. Pray that they would be strengthened, discipled well, and used by God.
• Pray for a recognition of spiritual need amid such material wealth.
• Pray for new Jesus followers who feel they cannot share their faith with family members, that they would have wisdom and discernment.