We know that it’s not always easy to open up and share what’s going on in your life. But life gets messy, and no matter who we are, we need people to come alongside and support us in prayer. If you need prayer for a specific need, let us know and your request will go to a committed team of prayer partners who regularly meet and lift people up to God in prayer.

Please don’t include advertising, vulgarity, political agendas, slander, personal information such as phone numbers or addresses, or personal accusations.

We pray over many requests each day so please keep it an appropriate length so we can give each request equal attention.

If you would like to speak with a chaplain, please call 360-256-9711 and ask for a chaplain.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

If you are considering taking your life, please call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Submit a Prayer Request


  • I am continuing to have severe pain in my left knee. I see my knee surgeon next Friday to discuss the need for replacing it.

    I am 73 years old and divorced for many years. I have been active all my life and I guess all the arthritis I have now is God's way of of telling me to slow down.
    My three children and five grandchildren any several friends are all supportive of me.
    My dog Oscar is my constant and loyal companion, which is very important to me
    since I live alone.
    I do do volunteer work at the Portland VA Medical Center when I am able.
    Helping my fellow Veterans is what I have been doing for over 10 years now.

    I ask for continued prayers, so that an old sinner like me can continue to help others as best I can.

    I attend church on line sometimes and in person when I can. I live in lake Oswego,
    Oregon, which is a 30 mile drive to Crossroads,

    God Bless you all for the good works that you do in helping to save souls for Jesus.

    Most Respectfully,

    Gene Brown
  • I was supposed to get my income tax refund but it’s been delayed and I’m really discouraged please pray I will get my full refund and get it soon! I also have a cracked rib and it’s very painful please pray for healing! I also just started a new call center job so pray that I will get excellent reviews and make commissions because I take care of my mom!
    God bless!
  • Please pray please pray that me and my aunt Donna get closer together please pray I can still do overnights more often at her house that we can spend time together please pray that my aunt in Florida will come to Connecticut spend a couple of days and we could be together as a family please and my caseworker phone calls from these agencies that she has called she caught 65 agencies none of them has openings please pray that one of them or two of them will call her with available opening bed please pray that they will call and she will work on still getting me houses that she will find other agencies that might have openings please pray that they will be openings by the side time that you will find something it went home on living room is mentally emotionally aggressively of you so I can't live that way. Not healthy for me the supervisor shield is very nasty very aggressive very strict and I need more freedom away from her and I need other houses please pray that God will forgive me
  • Please pray for Tom, my daughter-in-law, Kristi's, Dad. He is currently undergoing testing to determine if he needs open heart surgery or if he needs a stent in order to remove the blockage at the bottom of his heart. As soon as all the testing is completed, they will get the procedure scheduled for him, hopefully by the end of the day. Please pray that Tom and each member of his family will turn to the Lord at this time for their strength and peace and will serve HIM the rest of their days!
  • Greetings from Vancouver, BC Canada.

    I am awake at this late hour, Friday Morning, April 22nd and just watched Daniel Fusco on KOMO TV in Seattle. Just want to ask for prayer, and see if there might be an opportunity for someone to help me to find a church in my area. I am a Believer in Christ, 61 years old, and God has been Faithful to me, my entire life. From losing my mom at age 4 who had Sorosis of the liver, to many many struggles, it truly has been the Lord who has sustained me! Having not been attending church for years, which probably looks and even sounds horrid, I still want to follow the Lord. I would really appreciate it if one of your pastors could contact me for a phone chat.

    Blessings to you all.
  • Please keep my grandson Brayden in your prayers, he’s having a real hard time, he’s living in his car he has no job, he has distanced him self from the family and we think he’s doing drugs but don’t know for sure, he has mentioned that he has no reason to live and I’m very worried about him. Please please pray for him
  • I lost my job last week and could really use some prayers. I do not qualify for unemployment, but right now financially my family and I are okay. But, I’d rather have a job sooner than later and not be in dire straits. My request is please please please keep in me in your prayers that I find a job sooner than later. Please pray for my family and I to not worry or stress over this drastic change & temporary situation. Thank you all for your prayers. Much love & blessings to you all.
  • Please pray for my loneliness. I know Jesus is enough but I have been allowed out of isolation April 18th and I can’t come to church because the amount of people is frightening to me but have been going online. Could someone please recommend a church in Longview please. I need fellowship that is safe. Help me please
  • Please pray for my daughter who has had really bad headaches, is under a lot of stress. She is at the ER right now with high blood pressure and very bad headache. I am praying for healing and less stress.
  • Please pray for me, on April 6, I had total knee replacement surgery. Surgery went well now the difficult task of healing begins. I having a lot of pain and ask for prayer to help the pain subside and for me to be able to take things easy and allow things to heal in His time.also please pray for my Brother Steven who has stage 4 cancer and is losing his battle.
    I have been unable to attend church due to my high risk factor of COVID19 and I could
    some encouragement.

    Thank you so much for praying.
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Weekly Memory Verse

Isaiah 43:1

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Pray for the Country of:

Central African Republic

• Pray for a peace that enables national resources to be developed for economic stability.
• Pray for the wisdom of pastors as they minister to their congregations in the face of violence and ongoing bloodshed.
• Pray that the eyes and hearts of jihadists, criminal groups and Fulani militants will be opened to Jesus.