Gabriel Moreno

Although many children grow up in the church and then reject their faith at secular universities, Gabriel Moreno came to know the Lord while attending the University of Arizona, proving his belief that the Lord designed him to always “go against the grain.”

After being accepted into a graduate program in education with scholarships guaranteed, Gabriel felt led by the Lord to once again swim upstream by taking a job as a 6th grade teacher at Calvary Chapel Christian School, located inside his home church at the time, Calvary Tucson.

Some six years of teaching later, the Lord called Gabe and his family to accept an assistant pastor/worship leader position at Calvary Tucson.

In June 2016, Gabe and his wife Brittany celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a trip to Portland. During that trip, the Lord led them to reach out to Calvary Portland to offer their worship leading services. That initial meeting eventually turned into a connection with both that campus and Crossroads in Vancouver.

Those relationships with Pastor Terry from Calvary Portland and Pastor Daniel were the beginning of Gabe’s relationship with Crossroads, and a shared vision to do something unique in our present culture: to partner together for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Gabe often says, “None of us can do, what all of us can do.”

To continue pursuing this vision, in 2018 Gabe accepted a position as Executive Pastor of Ministries at Crossroads.