Kailey Lohrman

Kailey was born and raised in Wichita, KS within a Christian household. From writing, producing, and performing her first script in third grade to broadening her skill-set as a media communication and production high-honors graduate, Kailey has been engaged in creative outlets since an early age. Her work has been featured at film festivals, published in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine and she was named the Outstanding Honors Student of 2017. Kailey has also been employed in the media department at college and on professional feature film and commercial sets. As the daughter of an art instructor and health care professional, she has enjoyed both the creative and scientific technique behind storytelling.

Because of her relationship with Jesus, Kailey has dedicated her talents to transform the broken world of media from purely entertainment into a purposeful and eternal Christ-centered perspective. Since the Lord called Kailey to Crossroads, she has wholeheartedly fallen in love with the spirit-invigorated community and scenic views she gets to call home. Kailey is also known for her taste for sushi, wittiness, and admiration for empowering others.