A Year of Imagination

This year at Crossroads, God has done tremendous things in our lives and through our community. At the beginning of the year, Pastor Daniel set forth a simple vision for our family of faith – that we are to be bold in dreaming and joining Jesus, as He transforms everything.

This was our year of imagination, as God pulled out the limits, allowing us to serve, reach out, and grow in ways we never saw coming, or even thought possible. From sending truckloads of shoes and supplies to the far reaches of the planet, to launching a national radio ministry, hosting and mentoring people from all over the world, and showing love to those in every part of our city, He has done great things.

Check out the video recap of 2015 above, and dream in anticipation of all that God will do in 2016, as His glory shines through our lives as we live surrendered to Jesus, responding to Him as a family of faith, fully engaged, transforming our community and our world.

Download 2015 Year In Review PDF