Our History

Because Jesus is real, we are a family of faith, fully engaged, transforming our community and our world. Crossroads is a family of faith made up of thousands of stories of God’s redemption. We are people who Jesus has lived and died for, saved by grace, in process and growing in faith together as we simply respond to Jesus.  

With that in mind, our story begins over 40 years ago. God had His eye on Vancouver, Washington and in 1972, Crossroads’ Founding Pastor Bill Ritchie loaded up his family and moved to a sleepy little suburb of Portland, Oregon.

Not long after, in the fall of 1975, God led him to plant Crossroads Community Church together with a team of volunteers who wanted to see their community meet Jesus. Pastor Bill recalls,

“I remember the day the Lord spoke to me about planting a church. For my family and I it was a huge leap of faith…maybe that’s why we were so drawn to the name ‘Crossroads.’ But the call was undeniable: preach the hope of Jesus to Clark County and live out that Gospel as a church family. Looking back on our first 40 years, I’m overwhelmed by God’s grace and faithfulness, and I can only imagine what He has planned for the next season!”

In 2012, Pastor Bill, the Crossroads board and Leadership Team invited Pastor Daniel Fusco to come lead Crossroads through the next season of ministry that God had planned. The vision to preach the truth of Jesus to our community and our world, and to live out the Gospel is still alive and growing at Crossroads today.

We Are On Mission

John 3:16 says,For God so loved the world…

God loves our community and our world with no limits. He sent His son Jesus to die on a cross and be raised from the grave to new life, so we can live a new kind of life. A life that has purpose and meaning. And He wants that for everyone! The more we understand His love, the more we can link hands and join with Jesus to extend His love and grace to a broken world. He is on mission to use ordinary people like us to do extraordinary things, and everyone is invited on the adventure. Jesus heals and renews us, grows and encourages us. We can be part of His plan to change lives, families, communities, and the world.

Part of Jesus’ mission is to see everyone come to know Him and flourish in local church communities, but one church in one location with a few meeting times can only do so much. To address the need to reach friends and neighbors across local, national and global communities, we are mobilizing our Crossroads family to be the body of Christ wherever we are. This might include gathering at the main Crossroads campus, meeting as a church body at a variety of locations and times, taking part in fellowship online, planting church campuses or maybe even plant, encourage and resource home churches. Essentially, this is how we eliminate the hurdles that stand in the way of knowing His people and being a healthy part of Christ’s Crossroads family.

We want our church body to grow and expand – to gather together in many locations, be full of people who love Jesus, who are in healthy small groups, growing in Him and who are being an active part of His mission to love and serve His community.

Our World View

A key part of Jesus’ mission is to meet the world where it’s hurting. Jesus not only offers saving grace, He heals the brokenhearted. He frees addicts. He rebuilds marriages, and so much more.

God wants us to be the gathered body of Christ who goes beyond the four walls of a campus. Unemployment is high, schools are struggling to succeed, many people live below the poverty level, and many struggle to feed their family or keep them healthy.

Because of that, we not only help people become part of a Jesus-centered church community, we have a ministry called LoveNow that helps us live out Jesus’ calling to proclaim and demonstrate His love locally, nationally and globally.

Jesus set us free so we would grow in our relationship with Him, help develop and grow our family of faith, and together address the basic problems our county faces. Beyond our active part in Clark County, we reach out regionally 
as a connected family that spans counties, states and nations. In every community, God is putting unique needs on the hearts of His people. Nationally, we help our nation with disaster relief and make an impact on sexual slavery. Internationally, we bring clean water and other resources to communities in need. We share the love of Jesus with them through empowering and supporting international church communities.

When Jesus offers us life and love and we say “yes” to Him, He moves our heart from intent to action. We learn what He is all about and see His heart for people. Together, as a community and family of faith, we respond to Him. Every day we ask Him, “What are You up to today and how do I fit into Your plan?”

Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in our community, and our world, through our Crossroads family? Simply respond to Jesus as He asks you to know Him, partner with Him, and reach out to proclaim His story and demonstrate His love in the context of a healthy, Jesus-centered community.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to join 
a Community Group at Crossroads, serve in an outreach opportunity through LoveNow, and invite your friends and neighbors who don’t know Jesus to come find out more about who He is and what He is all about.

Jesus will meet 
us there, and where He takes it from there, we can only imagine!