Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Worship is a language that God gives every believer to help us express our praise to Him and celebrate His greatness.

At Crossroads, we love to worship together. We understand that loving God means worshipping Him – living a life that brings glory to Him and draws us nearer to Jesus. When our community gathers and expresses our sung prayers to God and about Him, we experience His amazing presence and hear His voice. Our worship helps us express who God is, celebrate His greatness, experience His touch, thank Him, and encourage each other with His truth. It’s an all-encompassing way of living. The worship songs we sing are contemporary in style, but range from ancient hymns to the latest choruses, and everything in between. We write many of the songs we sing, and encourage the artists in our church to grow in their songwriting and musicianship.


UNBOUND | Fall Women’s Conference

Saturday, October 7

LoveNOW October Second Saturday

Saturday, October 14