Join your church family as we read through the Bible in 2022. We’ll spend time each day in both the Old and New Testaments as we learn about a God who loves his children desperately and sent His son to provide hope and purpose for all eternity.

The Bible is more than just words on paper, it’s God’s word written for us. It carries His authority and all we need for living and thriving. In this world, we will face hardships and challenges of many kinds. It’s in those moments that the word of God brings much-needed encouragement and wisdom. We need to approach the scriptures with an open mind, willing to submit ourselves under what God teaches us, in order to fully understand all that he has planned for our present and our future.

Allow these words of life to bring you joy, strength, and endurance for your faith journey. Be encouraged that as you read through this plan, you’re doing it alongside your church family. God’s word never returns void…it always accomplishes its good work. Trust that as you spend time and energy on reading the Bible, God will work to accomplish His good work in you!

You can follow along with the plan by downloading a PDF or on the Crossroads Mobile App!

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