June 6-7, 2020

We start off the month in Hebrews 11:1–12:3 where the author recounts the ways heroes from the past looked forward in faith towards Jesus. They trusted God even though they didn’t have all the answers or know exactly how God was leading.

Theme: Faith—Trusting in what you can’t see because of what you can see
Memory Verse: Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being sure of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 (NIrV)
Bible Story: Faith Is . . . Hebrews 11:1—12:3
Bottom Line: You can know Jesus even though you’ve never seen Him


Crossroads' Arvydas & Selah's Video Intro https://youtu.be/nnLBFbUHGXk Bible Story Video https://vimeo.com/showcase/7188126/video/424052923 So & So Show Video https://vimeo.com/showcase/7188126/video/424053164