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Think About It!

So everything is going all kinds of wrong –– right? It’s falling apart in every imaginable direction…We’ve all been there. And when that happens, it’s easy to blame God or wonder where he is and why he didn’t do anything to stop this from happening to us. The prophet Elijah had some of the same questions, and as we journey with him we’ll learn God is always multitasking: working in miraculous ways we maybe just haven’t seen…yet.

Talk About It!

1. God works in context.

1 Kings 16:29-34
Leader Notes

  • If your life was a story, what kind of a story would it be? What would this chapter of the story be about? God is always telling a story through our lives. The story we just read is about a crisis (a hard and scary situation). When we’re in a hard or scary chapter in our life story, that it’s when we get to see God do miracles!
  • In what way are you becoming more like Jesus? When we are worshiping God, we become more like him. When we don’t worship God, we just worship other things, and when we worship those things, we become more like them. Jezebel had worshiped horrible false gods her whole life, and she became cruel and evil, just like them.
  • What story do you think God is telling in our world right now? Our world doesn’t know how to worship God. They’re worshiping all the wrong things. We need to be brave enough to worship God, like Elijah was. Because he worshiped God with his life story, it changed the whole world’s story.

2. God works through people.

1 Kings 17:1
Leader Notes

  • Do you ever feel impatient while God is telling your life story? Sometimes, we get so excited about our life story, that we forget that it’s God who is telling the story. Elijah’s story reminds us that God is in control of our story, even when it feels like a crisis.
  • How can you use your life story to point people to worship God (like Elijah)? A “drought” happens when there isn’t any rain. Without rain, plants don’t grow, and animals have nothing to drink. In Elijah’s day, that was a HUGE crisis. In that crisis, God sent Elijah to tell the people that the drought happened because the people weren’t worshiping God.
  • What can our prayers do? Thousands of years later, a man named James wrote about Elijah’s story, and how God used him. James said that Elijah’s story teaches us how powerful our prayers can be. Elijah was a totally normal guy, and God used his prayers in powerful ways. He can use our prayers in powerful ways too!

3. God works to provide for his children.

1 Kings 17:2-7
Leader Notes

  • Talk about a time when God provided for you in a crazy way! God knew that Elijah would need food, so he told the ravens to bring Elijah food. When Jesus talked about God’s provision, he pointed out how God takes care of the birds (Matthew 6:25-34). When we look at the birds, we can remember the God who takes care of them and took care of Elijah, is also going to take care of us!
  • Talk about a time when God told you to do something. Did you do it? Why, or why not? Elijah was a normal guy who did what God told him to do. Because he did what God told him to do, God took care of him. He showed up, and God did too. When God showed up, Elijah and all of Israel got to see his power.
  • What are some ways you can remind yourself to focus on God during the day? When we’re in a crisis, it’s easy to forget that God is in control, and all we need to do is spend time with him. When we spend our life story looking for God, we will have our eyes wide open to see his miracles and his power when he shows up.

Optional Follow-up Questions:

  • What makes you say that?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • How would you explain this to someone who doesn’t know Jesus?
  • Why do you think God did it that way?
  • Why should we do the things that God tells us?