For the last few months, everything has felt uncertain. But we worship the God who is who he says he is, who doesn’t change and who still has a beautiful plan for revival in his church.

There are certain things God wants to do in the lives of his people, but sometimes he won’t do them until we ask him (James 4:2-3). God allows his people to participate in the miraculous work he wants to do, as we pray and seek him. Prayer is powerful!

As a church family, we’re setting aside 10 days, from September 1-10 to fast and pray and seek God in a deeper way. Fasting amplifies our prayer lives. When we fast, we choose to abstain from something important — typically food — for a period of time to seek the deeper things God has for us in prayer and in his Word.

We’re focusing on three methods of fasting this season. You can pick one of the following methods or plan your own:

  • Follow the “Daniel Fast,” a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.
  • Give up one or two meals a day, and devote those meal times to prayer. Eat normally at the other meals.
  • Fast from certain foods or beverages, and follow a sparing diet of your choice.

Follow this fasting guide (download the PDF above, or use our app), and read along with us in your Bible, using our Crossroads Daily Bible Reading Plan.

We are praying for revival –– revival in our own hearts individually, revival at Crossroads, revival in Jesus’ church locally and around the world. 

During these 10 days, take time to worship God in a deeper way, to pray like never before. Write down the things God is putting on your heart –– we are expecting a powerful movement of God!