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We all want to make an impact in this world, but we all bring our own baggage to every interaction we have. When we try to raise children or help others, it can feel impossible when we start to realize many of us haven’t received the help we’ve needed from our own families. What’s amazing is God wants to train us up by teaching us consequential thinking. And when we let God teach us, we open ourselves up to the amazing life he’s built us for. Join us this Sunday for the first message in our new series, Wonder!


1.  God has built us for a good life.

Jeremiah 29:11
Leader Notes

  • When we consider the reality God created us for – thinking all the way back to the Garden of Eden – we find that he created us for peace, joy, and goodness. But none of those qualities is very much like the world in which we live today. Everyday we encounter so much brokenness as a result of sin and living in a fallen world.
  • When we put our faith and trust in Jesus, he brings us into a restored reality – a reality where we’re fully reconciled to God. And as a result, we can enjoy a good life in him. That’s what he made us for. And that changes everything, because it means no matter what happens, we can expect that God’s outcome for us is joy.

What do you really believe God’s plan is for your life, and how can you keep his plan at the forefront of your thoughts?

2. Somebody wants us to have a bad life.

John 10:10
Leader Notes

  • If we see from the earliest pages of scripture that God intended us for a good life, we also see from the beginning that Satan had a plan to destroy things too. He has always made it his mission to steal, kill and destroy the good things God wants to work in our lives.
  • Ultimately, we know Jesus has already beaten Satan by his death and resurrection, but we still have to practice vigilance to walk in God’s ways and enjoy his blessings in the here and now.

What are the obstacles you experience that get in the way of the good things God has for you and where he wants you to go?

3. Learn to discern.

Leader Notes

  • Every day, in every situation we encounter in life, we face decisions that will take us either one way or the other: in step with Jesus and his goodness, or in alignment with the destructive plans of the enemy. As a culture, we are impulsive; we make decisions without thinking consequentially (thinking of the consequences that are sure to result from our actions).
  • In order to grow in discernment as we make decisions, we need to stop, challenge and choose. We need to stop long enough to consider our choices, challenge our own thinking on the matter, and choose whatever will be pleasing to the Lord. Ultimately, his plans are the most joy-filled ones for us anyway.

What steps do you need to take to grow in discernment?