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1. Peter backslid going back to his old life of fishing.

  • Questions for Reflection
    • Have you ever backslidden? Can you share how Jesus pursued you?

2. Backsliding leaves us empty and NEVER just affects us but also stumbles others.

  • Questions for Reflection
    • Why does Jesus call Peter the Son of Jonah?

3. Jesus pursued Peter!

  • Questions for reflection
    • What’s the difference between agape love and phileo love ?

4. Peter knew if he could just get to Jesus he’d be ok!

  • Questions for Reflection
    • When did Jesus call Peter to be a shepherd/pastor?

5. When we fail the world demotes us, but Jesus graciously ENLARGED Peter’s capacity when he failed! 

  • Questions for Reflection
    • What was the KEY to Peter being RESTORED by Jesus?