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1. Satan is bound

  • Scripture Reference; 1 John 4:4
  • Leader Notes
    • The defeat of evil by God is not a challenging battle
    • Growing in Jesus is a perpetual bringing our lives into the light and exposing deception
    • Sometimes we have the right belief but the wrong way of living out that belief
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How does the ultimate defeat of evil encourage me?

2. Enjoy the first resurrection

  • Scripture Reference; Romans 8:11
  • Leader Notes
    • The future for us holds being with Jesus where He is, where He reigns, without any evil or deception at work
    • When you enjoy the first resurrection with Jesus, you get to be priests with Him and reign with Him in His kingdom, we get to join Him in the work He is doing
    • When we are sealed and empowered by the Holy Spirit is to have a priestly function interceding and speaking life and truth into the lives of those around us
    • We have to remember that our God is a God of resurrection
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What does the resurrection mean to me?

3. One final rebellion is crushed

  • Scripture Reference; Ezekiel 38-39
  • Leader Notes
    • This final battle will again be rather easy for God to win
    • It’s easy to get too focused on the bad things in this world, but in Jesus we can have peace

4. Jesus is the key

  • Scripture Reference; John 16:33
  • Leader Notes
      • There are issues in life, but Jesus is our peace
      • The key to escaping the second death is Jesus
      • God knows everything we’ve done, but in Jesus, we are redeemed
  • Questions for reflection
    • How can I more faithfully rely on Jesus?