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Belief and trust are very different things… We can believe a chair is capable of holding us, but until we actually sit in it and prove it, we’re not actually trusting what we say is true. And trust is hard! We encounter so many beautiful and painful things in life, and so often life gives us reasons not to trust the words of others. Jesus is not only the most trustworthy person we’ll ever meet, he’s the God who promises to protect us when everything else feels uncertain. Join us for this Sunday’s message as we encounter our God, who makes promises…and keeps them.


1. Our God is a Covenant Maker.

1 Chronicles 16:14-17
Leader Notes

  • Covenant is more about relationship than it is about law. The ultimate promise God gives us is the gift of his presence. God makes an eternal covenant with us as his people.
  • Deuteronomy 7:9 – A covenant is only as good as the people who are in it. God is a covenant maker and keeper, which means even when we are faithless, he is faithful.
  • Because we’ve grown up in a culture that is largely self-focused, we don’t even want to be faithful. Our culture does not value faithfulness. Selfishness is seen as more important. Our culture doesn’t say be faithful, but do what makes you happy.
  • Nobody, except for God himself, is always faithful. We can all look back on our lives and see times we chose ourselves over God’s best for us.
  • We can try to do everything we can to please God, but really, the only thing we can do is to trust Jesus, the one who always pleases God.
  • However, we all need to examine our lives and be honest with ourselves about what God is asking us to do to be more faithful.

In which areas of your life is God inviting you to be faithful, where you may be struggling right now?

2.  Our God gives extravagant gifts.

1 Chronicles 16:18-19
Leader Notes

  • Every good thing we have in life is a gift from God. (James 1:17)
  • Our job, as followers of Jesus, is to use the gifts God gives us for his purposes. God always wants us to be good stewards of his gifts, for the purpose of serving other people, even the gifts we don’t think of as readily, like our own physical rest or our talents and abilities.

What gifts has the Lord entrusted to you that he is inviting you to utilize to serve other people?

3.  Our God is a strong Protector.

1 Chronicles 16:20-22
Leader Notes

  • Life is messy — we say it all the time — so it’s understandable that we make many of our important life decisions from a desire to protect ourselves. However, even though it’s understandable, that’s not always the most faithful way to make decisions.
  • God promises to be our protector, no matter what happens in life, so that means we can make bold choices in pursuit of his will, trusting that he will protect us.
  • When we trust in God despite our physical circumstances, we will begin to exhibit tenacious hope. Our world takes the data of life and says, there is no God and no hope. We need to be people of radical hope, and interpret the data of our lives with the confidence Jesus is real.

How do you need to walk differently because of who the Lord is?