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1. God’s thoughts are precious.

  • Psalm 139:17-18
  • Leader Notes
    • 1. Worship must be the response when we move through the world in awareness of God’s presence. Otherwise you will misplace it in someone or something unworthy of worship. 
    • 2. If you want God’s opinion of you, you must first open your Bibles. 
    • 3. Wise people do not weigh everyone’s opinion equally. God’s thoughts must be above the opinions of men. 
  • When you consider the precious thoughts of God towards you, what emotion do you feel? Why do you feel that way? How can you invite the Holy Spirit to help you with your thought life? 

2. God’s thoughts are numerous.

  • Psalm 92:5
  • Leader Notes
    • 1. Not only are God’s thoughts precious towards you, but they are also as numerous as the grains of sand in the sea. 
    • 2. Humility is essential in seeking after Jesus. Why? Because the creature cannot fathom the Creator. 
    • 3. Satan’s number one tactic is to get you to doubt and second guess God’s plans for your life. This is why the greatest thing we could do in this life is respond to Jesus always. 
  • What is one thing Jesus asked you to do last week either through prayer, time in His word, or time in community group? Did you obey His leading and prompting? Why or why not? 

3. God’s presence is everything.

  • Romans 11:33, Psalm 16:11
  • Leader Notes
    • 1. We are designed to continuously live in God’s presence. From comfort to community everything we deeply crave can be found in the presence of God. 
    • 2. God’s presence doesn’t leave us nor is it predicated on how well our day has gone.
    • 3. God’s presence is a person, it is Jesus, our promised land. 


  • What are three practical things you could do today to help you remain in the presence of God? From this list of three, pick one to do right now. Text a friend and let them know you are going to begin being more intentional about walking in the presence of God. 

Optional Follow-up Questions:

  • What makes you say that?
  • How do you feel about that?
  • How would you explain your answer to a non-Christian friend or neighbor?
  • Why did God design it to work that way? Why not just do (whatever else) instead?
  • What would you say to someone who disagrees with that?
  • Why do we really have to do it like that? Why can’t we just go (some other route) instead?