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1. Everybody needs hope.

  • Scripture Reference Lamentations 3:25-29
  • Leader Notes
    • The opposite of hope is despair. 
    • When we look at everything from gas prices to insurance rates and the increasing violence, we find everyone needs hope. 
    • Placing our hope in the wrong thing is as dangerous as placing your life in someone else’s hands. 
  • Questions for Reflection: 1. How do you usually use the word “hope”?

2. We all have challenges to hope.

  • Scripture Reference Hebrews 11:11
  • Leader Notes
    • The devil does his best work when you are in despair. 
    • The power you give to your memories is the story you choose to tell yourself. Write a story of hope when faced with a challenge. 
  • Questions for Reflection: 2. What does God teach about hope that changes how you think about it?

3. We have one sure foundation for hope.

  • Scripture Reference 1 Corinthians 13:13, Psalm 119:49-56
  • Leader Notes
    • God may not come when you want him, but he is always on time. 
    • All the hope we need in this life is found in Jesus. 
  • Questions for reflection: 3. Where can you put hope to work in your life today?