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1. God is the source of the resource. 

  • Scripture Reference; Psalm 118:8
  • Leader Notes
    • Sometimes we give God’s glory to the wrong person, place, or thing. 
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What are three things in your life for which you are giving God glory and thanks? 

2. Fear is an appropriate response.

  • Scripture Reference; Proverbs 2:5
  • Leader Notes
    • There is such a thing as healthy fear. 
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What is one example of how you have cultivated a healthy fear of God? 
    • If you haven't, what can you do today to help you walk in a healthy fear of the Lord? 

3. The vision is lived out in the Valley

  • Scripture Reference; 2 Peter 1:15-19
  • Leader Notes
    • Though the sights at the mountaintop are beautiful, we are not intended to live in isolation. 
  • Questions for reflection
    • How will you carry the message God gave you into your unique social circles this week?
    • With whom will you share? Whom should you invite to church next week?